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Art for my Book!

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Art for my Book!

Postby timmyiscool8 » Mon Oct 10, 2016 11:20 pm

Hello my name is Timmy Phillips,

I am an author. I am currently working on a book called: "when life gives you lemons." (you will understand the cliche name if you read it)
I need someone to do a cover for the book.

If you do the cover you receive:
early access to the book while I write it!
A free copy of the book sent to you after I publish it! (if I do, I do not know if I will yet!)
Recognition for the cover (obviously)

Because of the story the cover needs to be:
one lemon wearing cool shades (glasses) and holding a bloody knife, and the other lemon on the floor cut in half bleeding, with a cane on the floor close to the second lemon.

I do not want the lemons to have faces or hands/feet. And I would like it to be cartooney-ish. other than those things go crazy with it! :D

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