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Which pens? Paper type? Which Glue? Fan brush travel storage

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Which pens? Paper type? Which Glue? Fan brush travel storage

Postby Star@pple » Fri Jan 22, 2016 2:39 pm

I am really interested to incorporate Zentangle type drawing into my watercolours. Obviously the pens need to be waterproof so they do not smudge. They also need to be rubber safe as I will sketch the picture first with pencil. Which are the best pens and what sizes should i buy just to get me started? I have seen some very intricate and fine drawing, so not sure which pens to get.

My regular paper is card 300mg and quite rough from Hobbycraft. I think I need smoother paper prefered in small sizes. I think I can get away using thinner paper as I will use the watercolour quite sparingly. Any brands or shops here in the UK you can recommend?

I also plan to draw on white canvas stuck on boards. Because I want to use acrylics and also polymer clay items which I want to glue onto the board canvas. Which glue is best to buy here in the UK?

I love painting using the splayed out fan brushes. I have loads of them in many sizes. But my problem is I struggle to take them to art classes because they get squashed. I tried metal tins, a bamboo roll etc. I rescued a ferrero roche clear plastic container (sadly it was already empty). Its quite large but not very deep as it holds the round sweets on one level, not stacked up, its a little larger than an A4 paper. I could put all of my fan brushes comfortably in it. But my problem is, what to use, that will fix the brushes into the container, something which is easy to use, does not make a mess and does not leave any sticky residue on the brush handles. Or have you got some other kind of travel storage for fan brushes that is quite good? I spent quite a bit of money on them so really need to protect the brushes.

Ready for any suggestions you may have.

Thank you


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