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Agnes - The portrait is FINISHED.

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Re: Agnes - The portrait is FINISHED.

Postby PogArt » Tue Jul 12, 2016 1:06 am

We were watching a movie when I notised I've got some new TDF comment... I went to check it out and I've quickly read it through. I went speachless rickycorbett.
I didn't expect such worming up comments from Laurene and you... It's my third portrait,and so far I were brave enough to get deeper darks ;)
Yes rickycorbett I've notised that it's not easy to use deep darks because we're simply afraid of it. I'm Polish so I've got light skin tone and I used to think that drawing darker blacks is restricted for african people...
This is misleading selfsuggestion, isn't it?
The darker darks the more expression on the drawing ;)
As I said above, this is my third portrait so far and I am learning to draw darker darks ;)
I know it won't harm me but will help me rather to show off the message out of my drawing...
It's very keen of you that you've written such nice words regarding Agnes portrait and my skills.
I'm practising and watching other artists and learning on my mistakes and listening your comments my friends just to be able to draw more freely, with my heart and soul rather than pencil and eraser... Hopefully I can see some progress regarding quality of my drawings, which is good and this is what motivates me to keep drawing ;)
Laurene already knows that I'm a big fan of her skills , you rickycorbett are so talented too and you know I'm following your art works as well...
Just now before I've started writting this answer I let myself to go over your website to show to my wife who I'm writting to... We both were amazed with your art drawings ;) My wife has pointed out the Jan Pawel II ;) portait of the belowed man of many Polish people and others all over the world ;) Very nice done ! I can only wish to learn how to show off such face expression and how to pass the artism straight out from the drawing to the viewer as you're doing very well, we've both notised that while searching through your website's art drawings ;)
Thank you very much for your so keen comment.
I need it .., to believe I can ;)
Artur Adamczyk

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Agnes The portrait is FINISHED

Postby BrianShure » Fri Oct 28, 2016 9:05 am

LOL, but you have a frog puppet as an avatar. Whos really the smart one? haha.

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Re: Agnes - The portrait is FINISHED.

Postby PogArt » Sun Oct 30, 2016 12:30 am

I'm sorry I didn't get your message Brian...
Frog puppet...
What does it mean?
My TDF avatar is the spider, isn't it?
Artur Adamczyk



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