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Uh, Oh, Full of Perfect Circles

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Uh, Oh, Full of Perfect Circles

Postby caters » Sun Dec 04, 2016 1:50 am

I am trying to draw the home floor by floor for 1 of my characters in my Math World story, namely Pi. But here is the problem.

I don’t know where my compass is so I essentially have no compass.

I tried turning the paper using it as a compass but no use. I get either an ellipse or a spiral, no circle.

And this is a problem because Pi’s home is full of circles. Everything about it is circular. Windows and doors have the same arc length as the sector of circle they take up. They open into the circle to avoid wedging in.

All his furniture is based on cylinders or spheres.

The rooms are circles and the house itself is a circle(well technically it is a cylinder but still, cylinders are just stacks of infinitely many circles so circular still applies. His home has per floor exactly 25pi square feet(5 feet exactly is the inner radius of the house).

Pi even has a circular elevator.

So without a compass, I can’t get all the circleness(perfect circles of all different sizes from a top down view) of his home. And I do have a compass but I can’t find it. How else am I going to get a perfect circle without a template since turning the paper isn’t working?


This is how at least one of Pi's tables looks as far as shape. It is all based on pi. All of his home is based on pi. He might like other shapes he sees such as triangles and squares but he prefers circles, cylinders, and spheres out of all the shapes he sees.

But this is a problem for me because I can't draw circles well without a compass. Pi and only Pi in my story knows how to make a circular house because he took the one and only one circular house plan with him when he narrowly escaped from Tau.


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