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i want to draw my girlfriend face but i have no idea how?

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i want to draw my girlfriend face but i have no idea how?

Postby saif » Wed Mar 08, 2017 3:41 am

hello, I am really interested in drawing my girlfriends face to give it to her as a gift, but the only problem is, is that I have zero knowledge on how to draw.

I am in no way artistic, but my girlfriend is and I just wanna impress her to be honest, but I don't know how to do it? how do you draw only the face area? because she send me a selfie of her a year ago and I really wanna make it into a drawing can some of you help me please?

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Re: i want to draw my girlfriend face but i have no idea how

Postby KenBrown » Sat Apr 08, 2017 11:56 pm

Looks like I'm the first to reply.

You're going to need decent paper and perhaps a few different grade pencils. Don't use painter paper although it seems logical - it isn't meant to work with graphite so you'll have a hard time using it. Instead got an in expensive pad of paper designed for art - like Strathmore Bristol Smooth or Stonehenge or Arches hot pressed watercolor paper. Get something smooth - not rough or cold pressed. And a small set of pencils like Derwent or General. For what its worth I use 6H, 4H, 2H, H, HB, 2B and 4B but you really don't need all that to start. "Regular" pencils are usually 2B but getting something a little harder to go with that can be helpful.

The first thing to do is to crop the photo so it is what you want to draw. Then convert it to grayscale (B&W) and print it out. In the beginning I think perhaps tracing would be easiest if you can get what is called a lightbox. Put the printout on the box and your paper on that. If the light won't penetrate then use tissue paper and draw the basic features on that (eyes, outline of face, nose, general hair placement, etc. No detail except perhaps the irises, highlights and pupils in the eyes. You can get graphite carbon paper very cheaply so get a sheet of that and then trace your tracing onto your paper. It sounds like a lot more trouble than it actually is.

Once you get the outlines lightly down you need to add the values which is where it gets a bit more complex. The level of detail you want will determine a good deal of which way you want to go but since this is your first one and you're wanting just to impress her you can decide yourself when it's enough.. Be sure to draw what you see and not what your brain tells you it THINKS it should look like. And pay attention to the details - close is not necessarily good enough for a likeness. Be as exact with the placement and shapes as you can.

There are other ways to get started but they may be more complicated than you want to do for just one drawing. Gridding, for instance, is how many artists start a work. What you do it draw a grid on your reference photo (after cropping). The grid should be small enough that it enough details are in each box but not so large that the details are too small. For instance, a grid about half the size of one eye (2 blocks covers the eye) is probably OK but it's not carved in stone. Then comes a little math ... adjust that size grid to fit your final paper size. If the original is the same size as the drawing then copy the grid exactly onto the paper (VERY LIGHTLY! and with a soft (darker) pencil - LIGHTLY!) If the drawing is twice the size then adjust the size of the grid to twice the one on the reference ... etc. Then copy each box one by one from the reference to the drawing. Don't try to tie anything together in your head ... just draw/copy what you see in that one small box. Don't worry about skin tones or anything else like that ... just the shapes. Go slowly and again - draw what you SEE ... not what you think you see. Once things are transferred to the drawing you should have a fairly decent likeness. Then do your shading which is a bit too much to explain in one post here but the idea is to absorb those grid lines into the drawing as you go so they won't show. Or erase them if necessary ... that's why I said LIGHTLY draw them. And do NOT use a hard pencil to do the grid on your drawing paper even though it seems that a lighter grade pencil OUGHT to be lighter. Unfortunately the lighter pencils are also harder so you can easily leave your grid on the paper but you might not be able to cover it. When I first was starting I used a 6H pencil to draw my grid because I figured it would be lighter in shade and easier to remove. No. I actually embossed the drawing paper so that the grid was permanently visible.


There are other ways to transfer a drawing .. like projectors but they are expensive and wouldn't make sense for your purposes - at least IMO. The grid is arguably the most popular method of transfer but the tracing I described may be sufficient for you. Just remember that the smallest differences will add up and you can easily lose the likeness which is the entire reason for the drawing. Art is mostly a skill as opposed to a talent and all that is required to learn any skill is the desire and the willingness to devote the time to learning. You needn't learn how to super detail or anything like that but your first attempt may be frustrating until you build a little skill and/or get used to the process. The fact is though, that you CAN do it ... just take your time and be meticulous. If you find you enjoy it and decide to continue you'll be surprised at the things you will be able to do after some practice. Here's an example of mine from a very early drawing to one done just 1 year later.


HTH ...

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Re: i want to draw my girlfriend face but i have no idea how

Postby john c » Wed May 10, 2017 4:49 am

Any gift from the heart is always better then one from a store try your best enjoy it But use good quality materials and a proper frame and matt. Im sure the effort will be appreciated more then the skill by her.


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