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New WIP drawing project after 6 months of pause.

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New WIP drawing project after 6 months of pause.

Postby W0lfy » Thu Nov 30, 2017 2:05 pm

Hello, after I finished my last drawing back in May I have not drawn anything, mostly because I was not in the mood for drawing (which can last even years, unfortunately), but I finally go back to drawing.
I have some huge, in size, projects coming up and all of them are firsts for me because of the size and magnitude. I have the desire to always go bigger and bigger and this is the first time I am drawing A2 size. But not just one A2. Back in August, I made a family shoot of my best friend and, besides the highest quality pictures I could achieve, part of the reason was I wanted a good source for very big and detailed portraits. I want to go as close to life-size as possible. It will take me hundreds of hours to complete all of them but I that's the way I am as an artist and person, I put a lot of effort to make the best that I can. The projects are not paid in any kind and it's strictly personal, with the intent of giving them to the rightful owners as a gift. Now enough rambling, this is the first project and this drawing is one of the 3 landscape orientated vertically aligned (it will be 125 cm by 59.4 cm in total)part of the project. So far I put it 7 hour's of work, with a roughly 33% of the drawing done.


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Re: New WIP drawing project after 6 months of pause.

Postby kennyc » Mon Dec 04, 2017 3:43 am

Good Start!
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