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Japanese Akita - F I N I S H E D !!!

The animal and wildlife forum concentrates on drawings of all animals, from domestic pets to wildlife - anything dressed in fur, feathers or scales. The emphasis is on drawing but paintings are also acceptable.

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Re: Japanese Akita - F I N I S H E D !!!

Postby Bev » Fri Nov 04, 2016 5:01 pm

Well done Artur, what a great picture, it definitely shows the love you have for your dog. I love the grasses and flowers you have added. You have achieved a really lovely image of your dog. It really doesn't matter how long it takes, and I really cant see any 'less patient' areas. You should be very proud of this one!

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Re: Japanese Akita - F I N I S H E D !!!

Postby PogArt » Fri Nov 04, 2016 5:10 pm

Thank you dear Laurie for very keen comments ;)
Bev ;) It's so good to hear from you as well, and to receive such warming comments from both of you ;)

To be honest I were more preparing to get criticism on my chest , because most of you my friends are experienced artists ;)
Hopefully you're all very kind to me, and don't picking up the bad points ;)
I've got one for you to concern, though ;)

One of my friends came over to have a tea, and he asked me why I missed the propotion of its head?
I went, how is that possible?
He then has pointed the white spot on the cheek on the shadow side and said - this side of dog's head isn't maching the other, it's too short!
I've started to work out what he said, and I've noticed his point of view...

My friend is right and wrong at the same time.

Obviously the cheek shape on both sides is maching...
I know it and I can see it.
On the shadow side it's starting at the external edge, where the line of strong light source is catching the cheek's edge and it's going all way dawn to the bottom...

I know it ;)

Unfortunately it seems to be my unforgiven mistake with incorrect shading!
I haven't separate enough the cheek shape?
At the first look the viewer might think the cheek starts from the white fur spot, instead of external line of light...
So the head looks narrower and incorrect...
I must agree with my friend's observation.
I can easily fool myself following my friend's finger!

From my point of view, the whole shadow cheek area is covered in ... shadow ;)
I haven't then separate any main cheek's line, to give it the same triangle shape... because to me it's on dark side, and the shape/edge of that cheek is actually blended between the fur in shadow and disappears then, because of the stripe of strong light that's affecting the shape's edge...

To me it's to IMAGINE that shape rather,being there in the shadow, invisible , and mach it with the opposite side?

I thought I drawn it alright, but because of my friend, I think I should separate the cheek, avoid blending it into the darks?

None of you my friends had mentioned it...

Is it because I'm right, I've drawn it as it possibly should be, and you didn't let to fool yourself as my friend did?
Or is my friend right, and this is a big issue with my shading please?

I'll be APPRECIATE for any comments, it will help me to avoid such situations on my next drawings.
Artur Adamczyk

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Re: Japanese Akita - F I N I S H E D !!!

Postby danluc » Fri Nov 04, 2016 11:52 pm

Congratulations for the wonderful results Artur.
I understand your concerns.
I feel the same when I look at my works.
However, I think that making mistakes is the reason that drives me to begin another work in order to improve, improve, and improve again my skills.
Why drawing if you are not challenged by something, like the desire to become a better artist?
So, if you think that you made some mistakes, it's ok.
Learn from them and keep drawing!
At the end, I think onestly that you did a wonderful drawing!
Good job.


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Re: Japanese Akita - F I N I S H E D !!!

Postby PogArt » Sat Nov 05, 2016 1:40 am

Hehehhh Daniele ;)
Thank you ;)
I'm appreciate your keen comments ;)
I hope that one day I'll start drawing more on the professional side rather than the hobby side ;)
I'm about to start even greater challenge ;)
It's my wife's portrait !!!
All the grass , clouds and my dog's fur is nothing compared to the greatest challenge to please my wife with portrait drawing ;) (joke) ;)
Thanks again Daniele for your time to write very keen comments ;)
Artur Adamczyk



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