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Raven - In Autumn Leaves

The animal and wildlife forum concentrates on drawings of all animals, from domestic pets to wildlife - anything dressed in fur, feathers or scales. The emphasis is on drawing but paintings are also acceptable.

Moderator: Mike Sibley

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Re: Raven - In Autumn Leaves

Postby PogArt » Sun Jan 15, 2017 8:44 pm

You're simly too keen ;)
Thank you once more for sending me your positive thoughts, regarding my drawing ...
I like it too ! ;)
Nevertheless ;)
I am thank you for sharing your point of view, and you did tell the same thing, but in so much better way ;)
I didn't mention the b&w photography,thankfuly you did ;)
This is exactly what I think.
There is room for b&w arts, were you playing with such different viewer's emotions and for colour arts, were you're able to tell the story differently ;)
I wish I could do both ;)
I love photography and it's my second biggest hobby ;)
I know and I appreciate whether it's black and white or colour photography...
They're living aside, but each tells differently its story ;)
I hope and I wish - I could learn, to be able to distinguish what option to choose in my arts?
Whether should it be better this or the other way ;)
This is why I've made this step this year, to try myself how I do regardings colours...
If I learn how to use pastels, if my skills get better and the technique... Then I can be like our Bev ...
I can tell the story I like...
I forgot to mention one of my friends...
Once ago he did ask me if I could draw a tarantula spider for him... He keeps tarantulas, mantids and such creatures ;) I used to, but at present moment I've got only my dog ;)
I don't know if you familiar with tarantulas dear Laurene, but you know for sure that tarantulas are very like butterflies regarding colours...
You know that butterflies are so colourful, but out there are the ones that lack of colours too...
They're just white, or just brown... no attractive.
The same is with tarantulas.
There is many so colourful tarantulas, they're beauty because of their colours, but other are just brown, or black...
Lets come back to the beginning of this story...
If I draw any tarantula for my friend, you won't see much more but hairy big spider...
It won't be beautiful, because the colours makes it to be beautyful...
In b&w you will not attract the viewer much but scary him rather with such hairy creature ;)
For sure you won't complement the tarantula's apperance.
Now if I drawn the same tarantula, using my skills and pastels... Can you see my point of view Laurene ;)
The tarantula will shine , showing its full beauty ;)
(I am sorry if you hate tarantulas!!!)

Lets now think about different scenario...
You're about to draw somebody , looking scared, and next to him hairy tarantula...
You simply won't mach atmosphere of this drawing if your tarantula is full of bright colours!
It will be mached, when it's b&w preferably ;)
Then it'll tell the story ;)

So this is what I'm aiming to ;)
If I succeed in pastels... I'll be able to tell my stories , the way I like ;)

Thank you very much for your keen attention to what I were telling you and for keen reply Laurene ;)
Best regards.
Artur Adamczyk

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Re: Raven - In Autumn Leaves

Postby PogArt » Thu Jan 26, 2017 11:15 pm

Hi my dear friends...
I'm delighted to share with you the FINAL , my first ever drawing with pastel pencils ;)
I am sorry for not being too careful regarding detailed work on it and other things that might be just better done ...
It's because it was just made up in my mind drawing, using Photoshop, for learning purpose ...
I were simply trying on my own, how to use pastels, how to blend them and what to expect ...
I think it's not too bad , isn't it ?
From now on I'll try to create some more professional looking, and I'll try be more careful, what I do, to make every each time some progress regarding using this media, and practising my skills with coloured drawings...
I hope you like it, and all critiques welcome, as I have to learn, so the best way is to kindly point me out, what could have been better done and what too look after at next drawing please ;)
Thank you very much.
Finished !!!
Artur Adamczyk

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Re: Raven - In Autumn Leaves

Postby Laurene » Sat Jan 28, 2017 5:19 pm

I can't give any advice concerning pastels Arthur but it seems to me that you have a real talent for colour!

This has a dreamy fairy tale quality to it that I love - you could almost weave a story about the raven just by looking at your drawing.

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Re: Raven - In Autumn Leaves

Postby PogArt » Sat Jan 28, 2017 8:19 pm

Laurene... ;)
As always your comments are the greatest tales on it's own ;)
I'm appreciate that you we willing to post at all any comment for pastels drawing ;)
You said very kindly I've got talent, but trully it was only win or lose ;) picking up random pencils,and trying my best to carry on with them ;)
It's paid off somehow, hopefully ;)
I'm happy I spent some time working with pastels on this experimental/learning drawing...
I still don't understand what colours to pick, to achieve some effects that might be in my mind, but at least one drawing is behind me, what means I'm richer of some experience ;)
I know this drawing is A4 size only, but I found that I'm drawing quicker with pastels than graphite pencils?
This drawing took me about 2 weeks or a bit longer, but it's only because the same time I were finishing Magdalena's portrait... I guess if I were working only on this one, it could take me up to two weeks only?
Compared to two months of graphite drawings...
That's much quicker.
Or maybe I weren't much careful regarding precision in details...
Nevertheless what I say, I can see the drawing with pastels
is quicker for some unknown reason?
Thank you again, very much ;) for your very nice comment Laurene ;)
Laurene, Jason Morgan has started some facebook group, to share daily any progress you've done...
Are you aware of that?
It's over 800 members already and growing up...
There is Bev, Krissy and maybe some more TDF members that I don't recognise yet...
It's called :
Paint, Draw, Create - Daily
Just in case you'd like to join?
Have you noticed that this TDF has started to being less active?
I remember times, when I were receiving many comments...
Now it's only you, Bev and Krissy and only fewer other artists(I'm sorry for not mentioning all) that post some comments under my posts...
It used to be so busy, you know... ;)
Or maybe I'm just wrong ;), and I'm not producing interesting drawings for artists to make them post some comments for me ;)
Lol ;)
All the best Laurene !!!
Artur Adamczyk

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Re: Raven - In Autumn Leaves

Postby Laurene » Sun Jan 29, 2017 11:31 pm

I've done mixed media drawings combining pastel and graphite and I agree that it is much quicker. The colour compensates for the detail and pastel covers a larger area more quickly. I imagine that part of the reason in my case though is that I don't know how to add that rich detail like Bev does.

I like both although I always find myself gravitating back to graphite. Sometimes spending months on a drawing is like spending time with an old friend and believe it or not sometimes I'm almost sorry when the drawing is done.

I admire Jason's work very much and often watch his youtube videos. It's hard to believe I know but I'm one of the last holdouts who hasn't joined facebook yet. I do look at some artists' facebook pages that are public though and I find that it's a completely different experience than a forum.

It seems to me that people don't spend the time to write full comments anymore, or to ask questions, or to just discuss their successes and failures. Based on the number of members in this forum (almost 2,000) and based on the number of views for popular topics which often exceeds 1,000 it seems to me that people are visiting but are just not willing to participate fully for reasons I don't understand. I guess it's just easier to click on a "like" button or a "thumbs up" button.

It's the same reason that blogs have by and large been replaced by facebook. It's a shame because if more people participated in something like a forum, the richer the experience would be for everyone. Instead it tends to turn into a sort of show and tell ("this is what I drew last night") instead of a discussion of the creative process. I'm guilty of this myself. I just think that most people are not interested in discussing details. I agree that it can be discouraging but I think that the popularity of forums in general has been replaced by the twitter and facebook experience which don't allow for much discussion.

I'm hopeful the trend will swing back again because you just can't replace the learning experience that comes with an active forum.

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Re: Raven - In Autumn Leaves

Postby PogArt » Mon Jan 30, 2017 12:08 am

Thank you for your nice reply Laurene.
I feel sorry for myself, but since I've joined mentioned earlier, the facebook artists group I can feel I'm back again between many people, artists, that appreciate what you do.
I'm receiving many comments...
As I used to once in TDF...
For some time TDF seems to be so quiet?
The facebook group just oposit...
Maybe it's because Jason just have started it, and it's new and so on... But nobody is left without having any comments... At list there is few comments for new posts.
And you know what, the artists are differ very much regarding their skills!
But the beautiful thing I've noticed, is that nobody will make you feel you're worsed...
No matter how good or bad you are, you just being happy to post your drawings, the thing that you love to do, and enjoy it with all your heart...
This is amazing.
The people sharing their drawings on daily basis, if you very good, you've got many wonderful comments, if you not so good, at least you will receive encouragements...
Jason has done something amazing, he created the public page that makes people happy and proud with their drawings, no matter how good the drawings are ;)
I can understand you don't have an account on FB ;)
It's not must ;)
I keep my FB just to keep in touch with my friends, post them birthday wishes or see how they doing ;)
I've created pege under my account, were I share in public my drawings, the drawings in progress and the finished ones...
It's kind of way of advertising... ;)
I've always got my mobile phone handy...
Any comments or posts I notice asap...
This is why Jason's group is somehow easier accesible...
A lot of people having their mobile phones with them all the time... So easy to keep in touch...
Have a look for one thing...
How long ago I've posted my Magdalena drawing finished, or the Raven...
How many comments I've received on TDF...
That's it...
It's so quiet...
Only you, Bev and Krissy usually commenting ...
Now, Bev and Krissy are on facebook group too...
They kindly posting comments under my daily posts between the others...
To be honest, I didn't check myself any new posts on TDF for long time...?
Don't get me wrong Laurene, I do respect TDF...
But compared to FB group is VERY quiet over here ;)
All the best for you dear Laurene, and thank you that I can always count on you regarding your keen answers and following my drawing updates ;)
BTW I've started few days ago new drawing in pastels as well...
I think I'll post it on TDF tomorrow... ;)
It'll be called "Polar Fox-the kit"
All the best Laurene ;)
Artur Adamczyk



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